How It Works

We Do The Work, You Collect Your Profits!

How It Begins

You provide us your logo, contact information and a short description of your company. The only phone numbers and addresses viewed are yours. We do not ask or wish to ever receive your customer information or data base. In less than one week you will have your own e-commerce site with your merchant account that is ready to make sales.

There are even two areas on the Home Page for you to customize:

  1. In the Header is a button that can send your customers to a page that talks about service, other non-competitive products (hot tubs, swimming pools, patio furniture, etc.) or even offering special discounts to preferred customers.

  2. In the body of the Home Page is an area the provides you approximately 250 words to drive customer to your showroom and/or explain why you are their best shopping choice.


One our work is complete and approved by you, a link is placed on your existing website either as a button or a photo that your customer can click on to and visit your e-commerce site. 

The Sale Process
Step 1

Customer Places Order & You're Paid in Full

Step 2

Purchase Order is Sent to HTP Automatically

Step 3

You're Charged Only for Your Cost Plus Shipping

Step 4

Order is Directly Shipped and a Confirmation is Sent

When your customer places an order you capture the order and all of the sales revenue. At the same time a purchase order is forwarded to our fulfillment company, Hot Tub Products, LLC. (For info visit FULLFILMENT). The order is processed, billed and charged at your predetermined pricing (which is wholesale cost plus shipping and handling) and then shipped to your customer. Over 95% of all orders are stocked (excluding spa covers and parts), and shipped to your customer within 24 hours. Because of our buying power, your pricing is very competitive and you will earn approximately 38% on all chemicals, filters, parts, and accessories and average $200 on Covers. All profits are without having to invest in inventory or burden the cost of warehousing and shipping.
Showroom Sales

E-commerce helps you sell customers that prefer to buy on line, our marketing support helps drive more traffic to your showroom. All of the products on the Ecommerce Site are available (not required) for licensees to purchase and sell in their showroom to earn high profit margins.


ECL works in cooperation with Hot Tub Products LLC, a wholesale distributor of hot tub products to fulfill the orders you receive. For more information, visit FULLFILMENT.

Marketing Support

To assist in making your E-Commerce Site successful ECL provides ongoing marketing support internally along with recommendations on external marketing support. To learn more about our marketing support please visit MARKETING.