Ask And You Shall Receive!

Frequently Asked Questions 

The following are questions asked by Licensees. This list will constantly grow as we answer more questions going forward.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.

How To Begin
Obtaining a license agreement is accomplished by providing us your Logo, filling out a simple one-page information document providing us with all your information to include on your ecommerce site and within 5 to 7 business days you have a complete e-commerce site ready to launch. No customer data is required, that always remains your confidential property!

How will my customers access my e-commerce site?

We install a button in the form of a photo or image on the top header of your website and when your customer clicks on it they go immediately to your e-commerce site. You can also promote it in your showroom or in your advertising.


How much does it cost to get started?

You will find the cost to be extremely low and most licensees will find that they can eliminate virtually all costs including any ongoing license fees. This is the only question that we prefer to discuss with you on the phone, though I can assure you that you will be pleased with the answer.


Can I have protected territory?

No, because the e-commerce site is primarily used by most retailers to sell to their existing database along with new customers. This is where you will find the most success.


How much do I earn when my customer orders something on my site?

Obviously your profit will vary by the product category but if you use the recommended pricing your costs which will include all shipping and handling will be these approximate amounts and percentages. Chemicals & Accessories will range between 30 to 40%, Filters will average 35%, Traditional Lifters will average $55, Traditional Covers will average $140, VacuSeal Systems will average $250. All of these profits are without having to purchase inventory, pay personnel to package and ship product, or pay shipping charges.


Can I change prices on the website?

Yes, you can but there is a cost associated with price changes. The price is very modest when it is done as a full category of products (i.e. all chemicals or all filters, etc.) and more expensive when done with many different products each with their own separate price change.


Are the products on the website available for me to sell in my showroom?

Yes, you can purchase any of the products on the site for direct sales in your showroom. You will save two ways; by purchasing volume and obviously eliminating the cost we apply to the sale for delivery charges.


I don’t have a showroom so will this work for me?

Absolutely, many dealers have succeeded in selling many hot tubs over the years without a website. Many service companies with a larger database of customers find our program very attractive. We can assist you in developing a very inexpensive website that will look professional and function as you access for attracting your customer base.


Can I offer a special discount to my special customers?

Yes, when you get started there is no cost to having a preferred member program and you can select which category of products you want them to have a discount and how much of a discount. To attract your old customers to begin buying from you or to have new hot tub customers attracted to buying your hot tubs you can have a preferred member program with a special discount.


Can I put other products, such as the chemicals I currently sell on my website?

Obviously since we are fulfillment company is fulfilling all orders we cannot allow any products that they do not carry.


Can I promote products not on the ecommerce site in the areas on the Home Page where I provide copy?

Absolutely. You can promote any product you like from hot tubs, to swimming pools, to whatever, but you cannot promote a product category that competes with any products on the e-commerce site (i.e. chemicals, filters, covers, etc.)


If I get started, can I terminate whenever I want without paying a penalty?

Your commitment is only for 90 days which is part of the start-up program. After that you can terminate at any time you like at no charge.