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Ecommerce Licensing LLC (ELC) is a privately held business owned by Andy & Kyle Tournas. Together along with a group of professional digital marketing experts they are the ideal team to provide the industry both an Ecommerce Site and a Full Marketing Support Program to make your site successful.


In 1983 Andy founded ThermoSpas Inc. a manufacturer of hot tubs and was its president until its sale to Jacuzzi in 2012. In 1995 he launched a direct to consumer sales division which quickly became the industry’s largest hot tub retailer with sales reaching up to 60 million dollars annually. With a prior background in advertising production Andy wrote and produced a series of TV commercials (2 of which won “Telly Awards”) along with over 4 infomercials which today some are still utilized for lead generation. He also wrote and provided initial designs for most of ThermoSpas brochures and sales literature. In the last year he has acted as a consultant to Watkins along with select large retail swimming pool retailers.


Kyle, has worked for 20 years in the hot tub industry and was VP of Operations at ThermoSpas. One of his many contributions was assisting in the development and ongoing maintenance of ThermoSpas E-Commerce website. This site produced millions of dollars and represented one of the companies most profitable divisions. It demonstrated over and over the desire for hot tub owners to purchase aftermarket products from their original vendor. As Special Operations Director Kyle oversaw all aspects of ThermoSpas production and hot tub delivery program. He also helped develop Hot Tub Service, a division within ThermoSpas that grew to be the largest service network in the industry, handling all the hot tub service needs of clients like Costco and a long list of notable competitive spa manufacturers.